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Nice Weed, Nice Prices, Delivered Fast.

Got Blunt? Got Weed? Yeah We Do.

Weed. Cannabis. Dope. Ganja. Pot. Sticky-Icky. Mary-Jane. Bob Marley. Marijuana. Grass. Skunk. Chronic. Herb.  Smokey McPuff. Dutch Delight. The Devils-Lettuce. Wacky Baccy. Jamal’s Magic Weed. Reefer. Doobie. Bong. Bong. Bong.

Call it what you want, consume it your way – we’ve got it. We’re knowledgeable. Give us a try today, and trust us to provide your premium medicinal cannabis in Thailand.

How To
Order Weed


We have multiple locations across Thailand. In Bangkok, and the Phi Phi Islands. Where you can order weed.

Here’s our number +66 92 420 4200

Drop a message anytime, on the Line Application, or Telegram, and we’ll prepare your order for click and collect, or for delivery. These apps are simple to install. But you can give us a call if you don’t have either.

You can contact us on WhatsApp for general enquiries. But we do not accept any orders through WhatsApp platform.

Easy to pay with Cash on Delivery (COD). Prompt-Pay (Thai Bank), Crypto, Wise or Revolt are also available.


buying cannabis, made simple.

Hello There, my fellow buds enthusiast! Welcome to paradise.

Our cannabis menus are constantly being updated, so check it out, Pre-Rolls and Flowers. Sativas, Indicas, Hybrids, and CBD.

Our team of Cannabis Connoisseurs cultivate some of the best buds in town – and don’t worry, when demand is high we use our years of expert knowledge to hand-pick top-quality products. Our standards are high.

When it comes to Buds, we know a Gram doesn’t last long, so don’t worry, man. We’ve got fat 3.5 or 5 Gram Bags too, now that should last a bit longer!

And if it’s Pre-Rolls you’re into, this is the place to be because our Pre-Rolls are so fat they might just break the scale! Yep, it’s true – the fattest in all of Thailand. Fact.

Always know what to expect from our weed, we upload macro photos and HD Video of our actual buds! No smoke and mirrors, just pure, unfiltered goodness.

Delivery or collection – it’s all good, man. But, here’s the deal, you’ve got to be over 20 to ride this wave. We might need to check your ID if you’re one of those eternal youth types, you know? Stay lifted, my friend! ✌️🌿 (Passport or Thai ID Card).

pay cash
on delivery

same day delivery or collection

our Cannabis

Instant Delivery in Bangkok, Phi Phi Islands and Selected Areas Across Thailand. Same Day Shipping to More Locations. 24 Hour Weed Delivery in Thailand.

Buy Cannabis Online. Buy Legal Cannabis Products in Thailand. We Sell High Quality Cannabis at Affordable Prices. 

cannabis buds

Browse our Cannabis Flowers and Buds For Sale. Organic Weed in It's Purest Form. Low Prices and Videos of all Our Strains in Stock.


Shop our Selection of Hand Rolled Pure Cannabis Joints. Choose From a King Size or One Foot Long. 


Buy Cannabis Essentials and Rolling Equipment. Add Extras to You Weed Order. Grinders, Papers and Lighters.

THC Edibles

Nugtella, Brownies, Cookies, Gummies, Green Curry Paste. Eat it Drink it. We Bake and Infuse All Our Own Cannabis Edibles Ourselves.


Two simple price groups. Choose how much you want to spend and then pick out your strain.

Watch videos of all our strains. New videos and HDR Photos added on a regular basis. See exactly what to expect.

Example video:


Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis strain for sale in Thailand on menu from buy weed in Thailand website
Cannabis strain for sale in Thailand Skunk OG flowers for sale legal cannabis


Cannabis strain for sale in Thailand Durian Express Thailand Grown Cannabis Strain
Cannabis strain for sale in Thailand Super Silver Haze Legal import from netherlands sold legally in Thailand at buy weed in Thailand flower company poster

Multiple locations in thailand

wherever you are

We Offer Discreet and Smell-Proof Nationwide Shipping on All Cannabis Products. We do not Ship Outside of Thailand, at This Time.

We Offer Delivery Services, and Click-and-Collect Services at Multiple Locations within Thailand.

We Partner with Many Other Dispensaries to Ensure our Affordable Cannabis Products are Easily Available to Those Over 20 Years.

We are Quickly Opening More Locations Across Thailand, and are Interested in Hearing From Other Licensed-Dispensaries who wish to Stock Our Products.



what makes us different


Hey, we’re stoners too. I stopped updating the website here, after smoking a bowl. I promise I will return soon and add more information. 🔽


When we grow our own Cannabis we have total control over the quality and we cut out the middle man to keep prices low.​


Our ‘Official’ Thailand Company was founded in 2023. But we’ve been growing and selling our products worldwide since 2010. ​


From Seed to Sale we ensure our products are safe. We use secure grow spaces, no pesticides and clean water with no heavy-metals.​


We don’t rush our cannabis in the growth or curing stage. It takes up to 9 months to create a quality product – we’re prepared to wait.​

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