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buy pre-roll joints in Thailand

Keep things simple with a Pre-Rolled Joint. Buy Pre-Rolls from our locations across Thailand, including Bangkok.

If you’re a beginner or a total stoner, there is always a place for a Pre-Roll. Less Mess. Less Hassle. Easy to take with you, on-the-go. Or if you don’t have time to roll.

Choose either Sativa or India Pre Rolled Joints, available in two sizes in a single, double, or triple pack. Prices as low as 185 Baht Per King Size Joint.

buy pre-rolled Sativa joints

Buy a Packed Pure Weed Sativa Joint. Sativa Joints are often recommended for daytime consumption and create an uplifting and energetic feeling.

These Pre-Rolled Joints are packed to the brim with pure cannabis. We squeeze as much as we can into a Kingsize Paper, usually around one Gram per Pre-Roll.

Made with specially selected and blended strains of Sativa Cannabis. 

buy pre-rolled Indica joints

Choose an Indica Pre-Rolled Joint. Indica Joints are made from a carefully selected blend of our favourite Indica Cannabis Strains. Designed to leave you glued to the couch.

We load up a Kingsize Raw Paper with as much weed as we could possibly fit. We aim for 1 Gram per Pre-Rolled Joint.

Available as a Single Joint, Double-Pack or Tripple-Pack.

buy a single pre-rolled joint

Buy a Single Pre-Rolled Joint. If you only need one Joint, we got you! Choose between our Sativa or Indica Strains and we can deliver to you with no minimum spend.

Too lazy to roll? Last night in Thailand before a flight and want one last smoke? Then a Single Pre-Roll Joint is for you.

Supplied in a smell-proof doob-tube and packaged discreetly.

buy a Twin Pack of pre-rolled joints

Now we’re talking. The ‘420 Special’. Buy two Pre-Rolled Pure Cannabis Joints, for 420 Baht in our Twin Pack. That’s just 220 Baht per Pre-Rolled Joint.

You won’t find value like that anywhere else. At least, not for a Pure Joint with a fully loaded King Size Rolling Paper of good quality weed!

Mix and Match the Strains – have one Sativa, and one Indica Joint. Or two of your personal preferences.

buy a trippple Pack of pre-rolled joints

Three Joints, Jeremy? That’s Insane! 

555 THB for 3 Pre Rolled Joints. Our lowest price offer. That’s just 185 Baht Per Joint!

Get yourself a Triple Pack of our Pre-Rolled Pure Cannabis Joints. Each Joint is supplied with its own individual ‘Doob Tube’ which makes them perfect to take with you on the go (but do be respectful when you consume outdoors)!

Mix and Match from our Sativa, Hybrid or Indica Pre Rolled Joints.

buy a One Foot (12") pre-rolled joint

Celebrate the Legalisation of Cannabis in Style with a 12 Inch, One Foot Pre Rolled Joint. These Wiz Kalifa Joints take a master to roll one to perfection.

We load a full half ounce of weed into a Genuine Raw Brand 12″ Rolling Paper. These things are like literal battons, like a baby’s arm.

Foot Long Pre-Rolls are rolled to order and are not available for cash-on-delivery. Select any strain of Sativa or Indica weed from our Tier One Menu, for this Pre-Roll.

buy a Low THC (CBD) pre-rolled joint

For a lot of people, it’s their first experience trying Cannabis. And most of the weed we sell is designed to send you to the moon.

For someone with low or no tolerance to cannabis (THC) these beginner Joints are a perfect option to ease yourself into the world of weed.

We blend 50% CBD Weed (Non-Psychoactive) with 25% Sativa Weed and 25 Indica Weed. A proper hybrid. We’ve found this to be a good beginner dose. This WILL get you high for your first time.

We can also offer lower or higher doses of THC in our beginner’s Pre-Rolls. Such as 25% CBD, or 75% CBD. Message us to learn more. And grant us the pleasure of allowing us to roll your first joint.

How its made

We get a lot of questions about our Pre-Roll Joints. So we made this video so you can see exactly what goes into our joints and how they’re made. 100% Pure Medicinal Cannabis ✔

There is no Nicotine or Tobacco ❌

where to buy pre-roll joints

Buying Pre-Rolled Joints in Thailand has never been easier. We have multiple collection locations around Thailand, including Bangkok and the Phi Phi Islands. Or we have same-day instant delivery services in multiple areas in Thailand. Just send us a message and order your Pre-Rolls.

Ourder now:

why choose a pre-roll joint

We’re all about transparency and quality. These photos are taken of our actual product, and if you would like to order our Cinderella Jack – this is what you can expect to receive. Our visual guides make it simple to see how much cannabis you will receive by weight.

Indica or sativa

Our Pre-Rolled Joints are categorized into two categories; Sativa or Indica. These two different plant species create cannabis flowers (buds) which can create different effects from one another. 

We use a blended mix of specially selected sativa strains and Indica Strains to create our Pre-Roll Joints. Or of course, you can choose a hybrid option too. 

You can mix and match our Pre-Roll Joints with our Double or Triple Packs. 

We also offer low THC Joints which also have a CBD Blend for those who don’t want to get too baked- or may be nervous about consuming weed for the first time.

How its made

It can be difficult to know exactly what you’re consuming when you buy a Pre-Rolled Joint. That’s why we are as transparent as possible. To relieve any of your concerns.

We have also created a video so you can see our complete Pre-Roll Joint Creation Process.


Roach or ‘Tips” is an essential part of a Pre-Rolled Joint which often gets overlooked. We use Raw Brand 26mm, Bio-Degradable Card to make our Roach Cards. 

Our technique of coning the card prevents any issues with shoot-thru while consuming.


All our Pre-Rolled Joints are made using Genuine Raw Brand Rolling Paper, (we order our supplies from wholesale in Spain, so be careful of fake branded papers in Thailand).

The papers we use are KinSize, which means they are 110mm long.

The papers are bio-degradable, made from Hemp and safe to consume. The glue (sticky) is made from natural (Arabic) sugar gum, which is safe to consume. 

We use damp cotton buds with clean RO water to seal our Pre-Roll Joints. Not Saliva. We don’t lick our Pre-Roll Joints.



Pure Weed and nothing else. This means there is no Tobacco in our Pre-Rolls. 100% Weed Baby. Yes. It’s a Blunt. 

We use top-quality flowers. We do NOT use bad quality weed, rotten weed, or mouldy weed in our Pre-Rolls. We are very picky about the quality and we use the SAME flower and buds which we sell whole on the Gram.

We use grinds from Whole Cannabis Flowers, not shake or left-overs.

rolling method

Our master rollers have over 100 years of combined rolling experience. We know how to create a Joint which burns perfectly. We roll, tap and poke to the perfect consistency to prevent any issues with sideburn or unable to burn due to being too tight. You get a perfect smoke again-and-again.

doob tube

Each and every one of our Pre-Rolled Joints is supplied in a Doob Tube. This prevents any damage from occurring, it stops the Pre-Rolled Joint from flattening, bending or tearing. Plus it makes it easy to throw one or two in your bag to take with you for the day.

where to buy pre-roll joints