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🥦 How To Order

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Due to the overwhelming demand for our dank weed we have introduced a new AI ordering system. Here is how it works: 1. Send us a message on either Line, Telegram or Whatsapp. 2. Ganja Bot will share the menu and take your order. 3. You will be connected to a live agent to arrange collection or delivery.

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ℹ Read Before You Order

Our minimum order amount is 3.5 Grams (⅛ Ounce), or 900 Baht. We offer high-quality weed at affordable prices. We keep things simple and we don’t fuck around. If you’re an experienced consumer who knows what they’re looking for, feel free to send us a message. We generally dont offer detailed explanations about different strains- it’s all weed. Please Note: We no longer sell individual grams. Sorry, not sorry. Our open hours are not fixed, we’re online until late in the week, and later on weekends, Ganja Bot will advise about our current open hours. ID is always required (on delivery or collection) for age verification. We do not store a record of your ID.

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🥦 Zuck Off… Mark

Hey, man, like, seriously, Zuckerberg, dude, why not just kick back, light up a big one, and take it easy, you know? Seems like Whatsapp (and, like, Insta & FB) have some issues with anything related to the green, if you catch my drift. So, if you don’t hear back from us on Whatsapp in, like, 10 minutes, we’re probably dealing with (another) ban. We’d dig it if you could hit us up on Line or Telegram instead. And, just a heads up, Mastercard and Visa are a bit uptight about weed, so no credit card payments, okay? Cash is cool, but we also groove on Thai Bank Transfer or Crypto. Respect, fam.