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Durban Gelato

Durban Gelato

Indica 🇹🇭

Embark on a sensory adventure with our latest gem – Durban Gelato! Crafted from the illustrious Sour Diesel Indica, Northern Lights, Durban Poison, and Gelato strains, this indica delight promises a unique fusion of flavors and effects.

Imagine buds so dense they grind effortlessly, unveiling an aromatic masterpiece. Durban Gelato isn’t just a strain; it’s a fragrant journey that captivates the senses. The solid, resinous buds speak to the strain’s potency, ensuring an experience beyond the ordinary.

As you grind Durban Gelato, a distinct scent fills the air – a blend of sweet, earthy, and fruity notes dancing in harmony. It’s an aroma that lingers, creating an atmosphere of pure delight.

Taste-wise, Durban Gelato doesn’t disappoint. A fiery kick, reminiscent of its Sour Diesel roots, takes centre stage. It’s a flavour explosion perfect for unwinding and drifting into a peaceful slumber.

Durban Gelato is an invitation to relaxation and euphoria. If you crave an experience blending the best of indica genetics with an out-of-this-world flavour profile, Durban Gelato is your ticket to cannabis nirvana. Trust us; this strain will have you asleep in no time!

Durban Gelato
Price: Tier 1


Note: This video shows our actual product. If you would like to order our Durban Gelato Cannabis Strain, this is the exact product you will receive. These are raw videos with no marketing gimmicks, no over-editing, no false expectations. See exactly what to expect when buying our cannabis products. 

Durban Gelato buds:

Gauge the size of the buds, the denseness/fluffiness, the quality of the trichomes, potential THC content and get a better understanding of our product. 

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Durban Gelato weights:

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We’re all about transparency and quality. These photos are taken of our actual product, if you would like to order our Durban Gelato – this is what you can expect to receive.

THC Content: 24.20%
CBD Content: 0.15%
CBG Content: N/A

Durban Gelato is a really unique strain with a sweet smell and a musky, yet fruity flavor profile.

Durban Gelato is Grown is Soil Grown, in a safe clean indoor environment, without Pesticides. Right Here in Thailand. 🇹🇭 

Weight: 1 Gram

Weight: 2 GramS

Weight: 3.5 GramS

Weight: 7 Grams

Weight: 14 Grams

where to buy Durban Gelato.

Our DURBAN GELATO Strain is stocked only in Bangkok at the moment. This strain will be available in other locations too, like the Phi Phi Islands.