A Beginners Guide: Consuming Weed For The First Time

So you’ve probably heard by now that Cannabis is Legal in Thailand.

By the way, I need to mention our ‘My First Joint’ Pre-Rolled Joints! We sell beginner Joints which contain, 25% Sativa, 25% Indica and 50% CBD – these are not as strong as our regular Pre-Rolls and have a mellow effect, perfect for first-timers!

For us here at Buy Weed in Thailand, we’re all lifelong smokers. We know a lot about cannabis, we can pick out a quality strain by smelling for a particular terpene, we can tell which buds are from Sativa Plants or Indica Plants just by looking at them, and we have a pretty good idea of cannabinoid levels from a microscope inspections.

But if you’ve never been around cannabis before, that last sentence probably means jack-shit. And that’s fine, this godly plant has been looked down upon by society for a lifetime. It’s been branded as an Illegal, dangerous Drug, and people have spent lifetimes locked up in prison for consuming this plant, which I should add, has a ton of medical benefits – many of which are yet to be discovered.

So let’s start at the beginning and in this guide, I’ll run through a quick 101 Guide to consuming cannabis for the first time in Thailand. Such as where to buy weed, the best weed for first-time smokers, the legalities, and the best place to smoke your first Juicy J’!

Rule One: Don’t mix your weed with alcohol, and don’t smoke your first joint on Khaosan Road. Trust me.

Alcohol and Cannabis do not mix well, it’s a recipe to make you throw up and feel like total shit. Don’t do it, especially on your first time.

Is Weed Really Legal in Thailand

Yes. Insane I know, Thailand truly is the country that has everything. You can consume and freely purchase Cannabis in Thailand! Just, for your sake, make sure to consume, dispose or donate any cannabis you buy – before you leave Thailand. Do not try to leave the country with weed!

My First Time Getting Stoned

Why have I written this guide? Because there are so many misconceptions out there about cannabis, I wanted to share the facts – and put your mind at ease before trying this super-plant for the first time.

You’ll never forget you’re first time getting Baked. I still remember mine, more than 20 years ago now. I was 13 years old, in an illegal country, I’d skipped the last hour of school to blaze my first joint in a local park and that shit hit me hard! After no more than 2 or 3 tokes (sucks on the Joint), my face had turned white, my mouth quickly became dryer than the Sahara Dessert and my head was spinning so much I had to take a quick lie down on the grass! Haha!

It was glorious, I couldn’t stop laughing – even while I snuck back into school to catch the bus – sunglasses covering my blood-shot bright red eyes. Thank Fuck it was summer.

Note: If you are under 20 years old you cannot legally buy, consume or possess cannabis, in Thailand. If you are under 20 in any other country, we don’t recommend consuming cannabis in adolescence.

Is Cannabis Dangerous

Not at all. Cannabis is one of the safest drugs known to man. In the entire history of humanity, there has never been a single death confirmed to have been caused by cannabis consumption alone.

The ‘lethal dose‘ of cannabis, so the amount you’d need to consume to kill you is a topic that has been subject to a lot of research. Almost all scientists agree that humans can tolerate doses in the range of around 1,000mg/kg to 1,270 mg/kg (milligrams per kilogram). In other words, you’d need to consume more cannabis than is physically possible to reach a lethal dose.

Vitamin C, Caffeine, and even Capsaicin in Chili’s are more dangerous than cannabis. These three have much lower lethal doses!

In short, Cannabis is very safe. You might get a dry mouth, the giggles, or decide to lie down in the grass for a while! But it’s impossible to overdose on cannabis in normal conditions. Many have tried, none have succeeded.

How Will it Make You Feel

Different people can experience different effects from Cannabis. Different strains, plant species and many other factors during the plant’s growth cycle can result in different effects.

But for your first time getting high the most common effects are Euphorbia, a feeling of relief, and happiness – which often causes the ‘Giggles’. The ‘Munchies’, where you will have intense cravings for some sweet, sugary and tasty foods, Thai Red Curry anyone? And of course, dry-mouth will get 99.9% of first-time smokers. Make sure you have plenty of sweet drinks on hand, along with plenty of water!

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Let’s look at What Type of Cannabis is Best for Beginners. There are two main ways you can consume cannabis, you can eat it, or you can smoke it. I recommend smoking it for your first time, because it is easier to moderate your dosage, but others will prefer to eat it. There are Pros and Cons’ to both choices. I recommend smoking one of our Beginner Joints, to better control the dosage while you are learning about your own tolerances. But if smoking anything sounds unappealing to you, edibles might be for you.

Smoking a Joint

Smoking weed is the most common consumption method. You can smoke a Bong, Pipe, Blunt, joint, Spliff, Dry Herb Vape, etc, etc, list goes on.

But if it’s your very first time-consuming weed, smoking a Joint is the best choice in my opinion. Why? Because it’s so much easier to control the dosage. When you smoke a joint you’ll feel high almost instantly. You can stop smoking if you feel too high, and you can carry on if you want to elevate higher. A joint allows so much more control.

Note: Smoking a Bong is going to be waaaay to intense for first-time smokers.

Check out our Pre-Rolled Joint Section, we even sell a Low THC Joint hand-crafted, for first-time Cannabis Smokers, and the curios ones!

Eating Weed (Edibles)

The feeling from eating cannabis-infused foods or drinks can be way more intense than smoking a Joint. Eating cannabis causes a unique and stronger high. It takes 1-2 hours to affect a person after eating weed, so you can never be sure if you’ve taken the correct dose until you start ‘coming-up’ and by that point, it can be too late!

Note: Eating weed alone will not get you high. For cannabis to get you high from eating it, it must have been specially prepared into edible through a decarboxylation process.

If you do decide to consume cannabis cakes, brownies, cookies or other infused snacks – aim for a product which is around 20mg THC, or less. If you do not feel anything, do not consume more. It usually takes around 90 minutes to feel high from edibles, but in some cases, it can take longer. Don’t accidently double-drop!

It can prove tough to find a reliable cannabis seller for edibles in Thailand at the moment, so make sure to only buy edibles from someone who has prepared them themselves, and can confidently provide you with an accurate THC mg profile for the product, (again, this can be difficult to find). Most sellers use shit weed in their edibles or simply don’t know what they are on about.

Where to Buy Cannabis For Beginners

You can buy Cannabis right here! Check our contact details on our home page and drop us a message! We’ve been blazing around the world, with society looking down on us for the past 20 years – so we know a thing or two about weed. And we remember our first time(s) getting high too.

That’s why we have created a perfect Pre-Roll Joint for complete beginners!

Our ‘My First Joint’ Joints are sold in two sizes, medium, which is recommended for one person, or XL, which can be shared between two or three people. These beginner’s joints contain a Hybrid Blend of Cannabis mixed with CBD weed. So you will still get high, but it’s not going to be as intense as our regular or hardcore Pre-Rolls.

Our Beginner Joints contain:

  • 50% CBD Weed (0.35g): Non-Psychoactive
  • 25% Mid-THC Sativa (0.175g): The ‘creative’ weed
  • 25% Mid-THC Indica (0.175g) The ‘stoned’ weed

We’ve found this to be the best combination for first-timers, to ease into the amazing world of cannabis. You can buy our Beginner Joints from our locations in either Bangkok or in the Phi Phi Islands:

How Long Do The Effects Last

When you are smoking a joint the effects will hit you immediately, this is great because you can just stop smoking if you start feeling too high. From then on you’ll feel stoned for the next one or two hours – although it can take until the next day for the effects to 100% wear off.

There are a lot more factors at play when it comes to edibles, and the high can often last much longer – up to 4 hours.

Where are You allowed to consume Cannabis?

So by now, you should have a better idea of which products are more suitable for beginners. But once you’ve brought your weed. Where are you going to smoke it!?

Thailand has been vocal that the use of cannabis in public places is not tolerated. It’s not technically illegal, but you can be issued a Public Nuisance ticket. So it’s best not to smoke in public.

In cities, like Bangkok, the best places to consume cannabis are at your hotel or condo – otherwise, there are some cannabis shops which allow smoking on-site too. More and More Dutch-style cannabis cafes are opening around Thailand.

In the islands, however, it’s a different story and cannabis use is embraced much more – in Koh Phi Phi you can walk around the island smoking a joint, no problem. Although I advise finding a nice spot down and smoking, ideally with an ocean view.

What Preparations Should I Make Before Getting High The First Time

Make sure you’ve picked a good smoke spot. This is somewhere where you’re not going to be moved on and you can sit and chill for a few hours. This can be a quiet spot on the beach, or a hammock strung up on the porch of your room or bungalow. Some hotels even have areas dedicated to smoking.

Make sure you are out of the sun! The heat in Thailand will intensify the high effect- it can be easy to pass out, or pull a whitey if you’re sat in the sun for too long and smoke a Joint!

Make sure you’re stocked up with plenty of cool water, tasty snacks, and ideally a takeaway menu for the nearest Thai Kitchen!

Is It Smelly

Cannabis has a unique and pungent aroma, I love the smell of weed. Others like to bitch and moan about the smell.

Whatever your opinion is, it’s a given that smoking a Joint will create a strong smell.

Luckily, unlike tobacco smoke, cannabis smoke is lighter and does not contain tar. This means the smell disperses within just a few minutes outdoors or a few hours in an enclosed space.

Either way, just make sure you’re not going to piss off anyone else from the smell of your joint. If you’re in Bangkok, find a suitable smoke spot where you won’t disturb the locals. But if you are in Phi Phi you can tell your neighbours to suck a fat one! (or invite them to join you and maybe convert their opinion on the plant).

Will I Get a Hangover

Cannabis does not cause a Hangover like alcohol. If you consume a lot of weed, you may feel a ‘stone over’ in the morning. This is a feeling of grogginess and tiredness which takes around an hour to shake off. You likely won’t feel anything the next day after the first time you smoke.

Can I Mix Weed with other Drugs

No. The only drug which is safe to consume with Cannabis is Magic Mushrooms, however, mushrooms are *technically* still illegal in Thailand. We don’t sell them 😉

Tobacco is commonly mixed into Pre-Roll Joints, which is fine if you are a smoker. But if you do not already smoke tobacco, ask the seller to confirm the Joint is Pure weed and not a Tobacco-Cannabis Mix. Some sellers use tobacco to earn more profit per joint- make sure to double-check and if they don’t seem trustworthy, move on and buy elsewhere. There are 10,000 weed shops in Thailand. Don’t let someone’s penny-pinching ruin your first smoke session!

Do not mix alcohol and cannabis together, the resulting effect is an early night, your head will spin around like crazy and make you physically sick – the following day your hangover will be intensified x 1000.

Cannabis is generally safe to consume when you are taking other medications such as antibiotics, and painkillers. Etc. But you can consult with a doctor in Thailand if you are unsure, or are on any obscure medication. Although being honest, research of this nature is not commonplace enough yet, and doctors may not have a definitive answer for a few more years. So for the time being you might have to be your own human Guinea Pig!

Is Weed Addictive

Yes, and no. You’re not going to get addicted to Cannabis after consuming it a few times. However, it is possible to develop a Cannabis Dependency through regular and long-term use. Consume responsibly.

Tobacco (nicotine) on the other hand is highly addictive and toxic. If you smoke a mixed Joint, you can easily become addicted to the tobacco in the Joint, after smoking it one time! Make sure your Pre-Rolls are free from tobacco, all the Pre-Rolls we sell, contain pure weed, and nothing else!

How Can I be Sure The Products are Safe

For us at Buy Weed in Thailand, it’s pretty easy. We can identify most pesticide-heavy grown, infested buds, unsafe, mildew, rotten buds etc etc. There is a lot of bad weed circulating in Thailand right now, and it can be tough for a beginner to distinguish the good from the bad.

The best advice I can give you is to buy your cannabis from someone who knows what they are talking about. The majority of cannabis sellers right now have no knowledge about their products. Running a Google search and checking reviews is probably the best way to identify such places. Or, of course, if you happen to be in one of the areas which we cover (Bangkok, Phi Phi Island, Phuket), send us a message and we’ll hook you up!

Can Cannabis Be Detected on a Drug Test when I Return Home

Yes, this can be a concern for citizens of Japan, China, or Singapore. These countries have issued warnings that residents should not consume cannabis while overseas in Thailand.

Cannabis (THC) can be detected in your blood, urine, saliva, sweat and hair. THC is fat-soluble so it can store itself in your body for a long time. Long-term users can fail a THC drug test for up to 6-months after consuming cannabis!

However, for recreational users, cannabis is usually detectable for around

  • 4 Hours in Saliva
  • 24 – 48 Hours in Blood
  • Up to 7 Days in Urine

What if I Have a Bad Experience

While cannabis is an amazing drug, both for relaxation and medicinal benefits. It’s still possible to have a bad experience. But if you’ve followed everything in this guide, you should be on your way to having an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

If things go wrong, and you get too high – there is little you can do but ride it out. Lie down for a few hours, and make sure someone is with you and aware of the situation, drink plenty of water and you’ll recover within a couple of hours! Either ready to go again, or with a newfound vow to never consume again!

To prevent having a bad experience with your first time consuming weed make sure that

  1. You have a suitable, quiet and relaxed place to smoke. NOT on Khaosan Road!
  2. Do not consume any alcohol before, during, or for a few hours after getting high
  3. Drink plenty of water and fluids
  4. If you are eating edibles, be careful with the dosage and don’t eat more if the first bit ‘didn’t work’ you’ll likely end up with a double-hit!

I Still Need More Information about Getting High For The First Time!

Don’t worry! You can reach out to us if you still have any questions. Download the Line Messaging Application and we’d be honoured to help you pick out your first joint and provide any guidance or assurance you might need.