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Can You Take Weed On an Airplane In Thailand?

Note: Images shown are probably recreated using some kind of photo editing software.

You must be over 20 years of age to buy, consume, possess, or travel with Cannabis in Thailand.

We couldn’t find a clear answer to the question; “Can you seriously take a fat bag of Gnaja on a domestic flight in Thailand?

So naturally, we decided to test it out for ourselves.

If you’re as curious as we were about the legalities of bringing cannabis on board a domestic flight in Thailand, then you’ll be pleased to hear, the short answer is: Yes. Yes, You Can. It’s entirely possible, legally and acceptable to bring cannabis on an airplane in Thailand.

And to put your mind at ease, we didn’t just settle for gossip and rumours.

We tested it ourselves. We rolled up our sleeves joints, headed to the airport and boarded a flight from Bangkok up to the chilled city of Chiang Mai. We nervously loaded three ounces each of the good stuff, in our carry-on bags, along with 10 pre-rolled joints each. 

Believe me, it felt so wrong doing this. Yet during a bag search, the security staff had zero interest in the mountains of weed I had shoved on the top of my carry-on. I was, however, given a warning, for my tube of toothpaste. It’s regrettable to say, that giddy with Thailand’s new cannabis laws, I had overlooked the 100ml limit. Whoops.

I’m just your regular everyday stoner, but the first time I flew with weed in Thailand, it felt like I was on some Pablo Escobar-level, next-level mission. It’s going to take a while for my mind to shake the paranoia, catch up, and accept the changes to the law — after battling the illegal status of cannabis for a lifetime.

Based on what we’ve learned from our own experiences, feedback from fellow travellers, and the info shared in a statement by AOT, it’s fine to bring your cannabis on a flight — as long as the airline’s okay with it (and as of now, they all are).

Just remember to be considerate and pack it in a way that doesn’t stink out the airport.

And, this should go without saying – but don’t try to take weed out from Thailand. So, no international flights. Domestic only.

14 Grams, Half-an-Ounce of Cinderella Jack Cannabis at Bangkok Airport with Air Asia Flight Boarding in the Background.
14 Grams, Half-an-Ounce of Cinderella Jack Cannabis at Bangkok Airport with Air Asia Flight Boarding in the Background.

International Flight

Alright, let’s get this straight before we continue: Do not attempt to carry weed on a flight departing from Thailand (International Flight). That’s a reaaallllly bad idea.

Firstly, exporting cannabis without the proper license is a big no-no. Even if you’re on a direct flight to a country where cannabis is legal, you’d still need an export permit, permission from the airline, and a contingency plan in case the flight is diverted.

More importantly, leaving Thailand with weed makes you a drug smuggler in the destination country, and trust me, that’s not a situation you want to be in over a bag of weed. It will almost certainly ruin your vacation and land you in serious trouble, including the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence or worse. Stay on the right side of the law.

Official A.O.T Guidelines

A.O.T., or Airports of Thailand, holds responsibility for managing operations at all international airports in the country. While they haven’t issued a public statement regarding carrying cannabis through the airport, they did provide an official statement to The Thaiger, an English-language Thai news website.

You can find the statement published on The Thaiger’s website.

Quoting the official statement, A.O.T had this to say on the matter:

“Passengers who wish to bring legal cannabis or cannabis products on domestic flights are advised to pack it in their checked baggage. The reason is that cannabis items carried on board must be inspected by staff from the Narcotics Control Board and would cause a delay during security checks.”

The Office of Narcotics Control Board will still undertake inspections of “cannabis items” at security to ensure that no extracts with high levels of THC – which are illegal – get on board.

Passengers over 20 years old are welcome to bring cannabis flowers, with no limit on THC content, onto domestic flights but are strongly advised to pack them in their checked baggage. Cannabis extracts containing no more than 0.2% THC are also permitted, which should also go into checked baggage”.

How Much Weed Can You Take on a Flight

There’s no specific limit on how much cannabis you can carry; however, it must comply with airline luggage rules. Essentially, you’re free to bring any amount within the airline’s weight limits. Whether it’s a gram, an ounce, or a kilogram, you’re good to go. Just don’t go overboard, be respectful, and don’t fuck this up for the rest of us.

Which Airlines Allow You To Bring Weed to The Plane

As of now, all domestic airlines in Thailand, including Air Asia, Thai Viet Jet, Thai Lion, and Thai Smile, permit passengers of any nationality to travel with cannabis. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to contact your specific airline for confirmation, as regulations in Thailand can change unexpectedly.

Why Is This Good

Tourists in Thailand have a reason to celebrate – the ability to carry cannabis on flights is a fantastic development. Travelers exploring various destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai won’t have to struggle with finding quality and cost-friendly cannabis in each region.

It’s a known fact that the islands are more expensive to buy weed than the cities like Bangkok. So if you’ve discovered a strain of cannabis in Bangkok, which you love, you don’t have to leave it behind or restrict the amount you can buy. With the convenience of weed delivery in Bangkok, or, Phi Phi Weed Shop, you can enjoy your favourite strains without compromise. Grab a quarter ounce of dank weed at an affordable price and carry it with you, as travel the country. Not only will you save money doing so, you’ll know you always have that top-shelf stuff.

How To Package Your Weed For a Flight

“Weed fucking stinks” 👎. Or, “it smells fucking amazing” 👍 – depending on who you ask. There is rarely any middle ground.

So in the interest of respecting one another, and ensuring that current laws can stay as they are. We please ask you to package your cannabis in such a way that the smell is concealed and won’t bother others.

To keep things discreet, grab some smell-proof bags or airtight jars. You can even bring glass jars. Make sure your stash stays sealed throughout the airport and flight. Tuck it in the main part of your bag, not an outer pocket where smells can sneak out. The last thing you want is the stink out the plane with your dank-dank Ganja.

At Buy Weed in Thailand, we’re not just about selling weed; we’re passionate advocates for responsible cannabis use and regulation. We believe that educating tourists about the current rules is crucial to maintaining the freedom and legality of cannabis for everyone. It only takes a few incidents to jeopardize it for all of us. If you have questions about flying with cannabis or need assistance with safe packaging, reach out to us using the Line Application. The Buy Weed in Thailand team is here to help. And if you’re near one of our locations, we can provide smell-proof bags or containers. Stay discreet, have a fantastic journey, and enjoy responsibly!

What about the smell?

Thankfully air circulation on airplanes is incredible, as the world learned during the 2020 events. This infographic from Malaysia Airlines explains the air circulation and claims that the cabin air is entirely replaced every 2-3 minutes. So the smell of weed shouldn’t stay around or linger in the cabin. But we urge you to package your cannabis in such a way that the smell cannot escape. Here’s an article about aircraft air circulation with more details.

Disclaimer: This image is intended to show how air circulation works on a plane. You cannot carry cannabis on any flight with Malaysian Airlines.

Which Cannabis Products Can You Take on a Flight

You’re good to bring pre-rolled joints and different parts of the cannabis plant, like seeds and buds. But when it comes to edibles and extracts, it’s wise to be cautious. While cannabis flower is legal regardless of its strength or quantity, cannabis extracts are only allowed if they have less than 0.2% THC. Note that this 0.2% THC limit applies to edibles and extracts, not regular weed. So, if you’re packing some gummies, keep them low-key in discreet, and regular packaging, and pack them in your hold/checked baggage.

It’s worth noting that AOT does not have the facilities to test THC levels in oils, edibles or other forms of cannabis extract. So it could potentially result in a delay should you want to bring such products in your carry-on luggage.

Should You Pack Weed in a Check-In Bag or a Carry-on Bag

A.O.T. advises travellers to pack cannabis products in their checked baggage, presumably to prevent odours from entering the cabin. While it’s not a strict requirement, and if you prefer travelling with only hand luggage, you’re allowed to bring cannabis with you. However, limit this to situations where you don’t have a check-in bag.

If you must carry weed in your hand luggage, ensure it’s securely packaged to prevent any odours. This could involve using an airtight jar, a vacuum-sealed bag, or a smell-proof ziplock.

Whatever you do, take responsibility for your stash, and don’t stink out the plane! 😅


In a nutshell, it’s perfectly okay to take weed on a domestic flight within Thailand, hopping from one Thai airport to another. However, remember, you can’t carry cannabis on flights leaving the country. Be cautious with edibles and legal cannabis extracts—seal them tightly to prevent odours from escaping. It’s a good idea to double-check with your airline to be on the safe side, as rules may change.

And if you’re on the hunt for the finest and most affordable weed in Thailand, look no further. Give us a shout. We use Line Messenger: 092 420 4200. We’ve got the goods, and we’re ready to set you up with some top-notch stuff.