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rolling papers & Essentials

Add the essentials to your cannabis order. Grinders, Clipper Lighters, and Raw Rolling Papers. We stock Genuine Imported Products from Spain, all sold at affordable prices.

Genuine Raw Products imported from Spain

Raw Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers are essential, so of course we stock them. We stock three sizes of Raw Brand Papers. These papers are unbleached and genuine – be careful of the countless fake Raw Products sold in Thailand. All our papers and tips are bio degradable and made from organic materials. Raw Papers are made from Hemp.

Raw 1 ¼ Classic Size Rolling Papers Coinsures Combo Pack + Tips

You don’t always need to be smoking a long one. If you want your weed to last longer then consider choosing the modest sized one-and-a-quarter papers.

These rolling papers are longer than a typical small skin, but shorter than a king. The Coinsures Combo Pack includes both 50 rolling papers, and 50 tips.

Length: 83mm

Holds: 0.5 – 0.7 Grams

Leaves: 50

Tips: Included (26 mm)

Price: 90 THC

3 Packs / 180 Baht

Raw King Size Rolling Papers Coinsures Combo Pack + Tips

The classic King Size Raw Paper. This is the ‘standard joint size’ and will be the best size for most people. Genuine Unbleached Raw Papers. 

The  Coinsures Combo Pack includes 32 rolling papers and 32 sheets of Roach Card attatched.

We stock both the perforated and not perforated versions. Please let us know your preference when you order.

Length: 110 mm

Holds: 0.7 – 1 Grams

Leaves: 32

Tips: Included (26 mm)

Price: 150 THC

3 Packs / 300 Baht

Raw Supernatural Size Rolling Papers
Huge 12" (1 Foot) Pack

Put your rolling skills to the test with this stupid but awesome pack of unnecessarily oversized rolling papers! Yes, these rolling papers are 1 foot long, totally organic and bio disposable these are best reserved for special occasions.

You’ll need a minimum of 7 grams to fill one of these bad-boys, but closer to 14 if you want a fat head.

Length: 280 mm (1 Foot Long)

Holds: 7 – 21 Grams

Leaves: 20

Tips: Not Included

Price: 555 THC

Pre Rolled Cones

We always prefer to roll our own joints for the utmost perfection and full control over size, tightness, and shape. But some smokers prefer to use pre rolled cones. Simple tap the weed inside the cone, pack it down and you’re done. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Pre Roll King Size Cone

Lazy to roll, or want a perfect pre-roll. Grab yourself some of our Raw Pre-Rolled Cones. Each cone is 110mm long, the same length as a standard King Size rolling paper. Rolling has never been simpler just grind your weed, load the cone, tap it down and you’re ready to smoke.

3x Pre Rolled Cones in each pack. 

Price: 80 THC

9 Cones / 200 Baht

Raw Rolling Paper Size Chart


There are a few key ingredients for making a joint, you’ll want to make sure you have a grinder and a lighter on hand, as well as your rolling papers.

Plastic Herb Grinder

None of us want to be picking our weed apart, so don’t forget to add a grinder to your order if you don’t have one already. 

We stock a mixed variety of standard plastic grinders, the exact design and color can vary.

It is not recommended to leave Thailand with any used cannabis paraphernalia. Please contact us if you wish to recycle your grinder when leaving Thailand.

Price: 100 THC

Clipper Lighter

There is nothing worse than picking up a bag of weed, rolling up a hot-one and realising you’ve forgotten a key ingredient. Don’t spark up from the hotel toaster! Make sure to add a lighter with your weed order.

Our Clipper Lighters are genuine and imported from Spain. We stock many designs and no lighter is the same. If you have a color preference please let us know.

Disposable lighters are also available for 20 THB.

Price: 100 THC

(Disposable Lighter 20 Baht)

Raw Pocket Ashtray

Let’s help to keep Thailand clean. 

All the papers and roach cards we sell are biodegradable. 

But that isn’t an excuse to toss your roach into the ocean.

Raw Pocket Ashtray is made from hemp material and is lined inside with heat-resistant foil. The pouch is secured with a snap button, which keeps any material inside secure and contains all smells.

Price: 100 THC