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Tutti Fruitti

Tutti Fruitti

Indica 🇹🇭

Tutti Fruitti is an Indica Cannabis Strain. Grown right here, in Thailand.

The Strain has a pungent and fruity aroma, which intensifies as the buds are ground.

The buds themselves are solid nuggets of green goodness, which grind out into a nice fluffy pile of weed.



Note: This video shows our actual product. If you would like to order our Tutti Fruitti Cannabis Strain, this is the exact product you will receive. These are raw videos with no marketing gimmicks, no over-editing, no false expectations. See exactly what to expect when buying our cannabis products. 

Tutti Fruitti buds:

Gauge the size of the buds, the denseness/fluffiness, the quality of the trichomes, potential THC content and get a better understanding of our product. 

Photo Gallery:

Tutti Fruitti weights:

Not sure how much to order? This can guide you to understand exactly how much weed to expect for each weight.

We’re all about transparency and quality. These photos are taken of our actual product, if you would like to order our Tutti Fruitti – this is what you can expect to receive.

THC Content: 19.920%
CBD Content: N/A
CBG Content: N/A

Tutti Fruitti is a really unique strain with a sweet smell and a musky, yet fruity flavor profile.

Tutti Fruitti is Grown is Soil Grown without Pesticides. Right Here in Thailand. 🇹🇭 The Plants are grown indoors, during veg, until moving outdoors to flower. 

Weight: 1 Gram

Weight: 2 GramS

Weight: 3.5 GramS

Weight: 5 GramS

Weight: 7 GramS

where to buy Tutti Fruitti.

Our Tutti Fruitti Strain is stocked only in Bangkok for now. We do not plan to expand this strain to other outlets at this time. Connect with us on the Line Application to make an order.