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Durian Express ™

Durian Express


We share detailed videos all our actual weed strains. So you know exactly what to expect when buying our cannabis products. You can easier gauge the size of the buds, the denseness/fluffiness of the buds, the quality of the trichomes, and get a better understanding of our products overall. 

Note: This video shows our actual product. If you would like to order our Durian Express Cannabis Strain, this is the exact product you will receive. This is a raw video with no marketing gimmicks, no over-editing, no false expectations. Just good weed, at a good price.

THC Content: 23%
CBD Content: 0.89%
CBG Content: N/A

Durian Express is Grown Without Pesticides. In a Safe, Clean Indoor Environment – Right Here in Thailand 🇹🇭

This Is One Of The Best New Strains To Emerge In Thailand After The Legalization Of Cannabis. This crop was grown indoors in Thailand. The Sativa Plant Produced Dense, Dank Buds, with a Unique Pale Green Tint. These Buds contain high THC levels of More Than 20%. The Genetics are Lemon Haze Crossed With Cali Gelato. A Combination which Proved a Recipe for success the Durian Express Cannabis Strain has one of the Most Unique Flavor Profiles You Can Find In Thailand. With Strong Hints of Citrus and a Fruity Flavor. This is one of our favourite strains to consume.


Tier one Priced strain

Durian Express is a Tier One Priced Weed Strain. This chart shows the price list for our Tier One Strains.

Where To Buy

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Our Durian Express Strain is stocked in the Phi Phi Islands and in Bangkok. Check our menus.

Photo Gallery

We’re all about transparency and quality. These photos are taken of our actual product, and if you would like to order our Durian Express – this is what you can expect to receive. Our visual guides make it simple to see how much cannabis you will receive by weight.